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This week’s question: “What is a praise report?”

This week’s question: What is a praise report?

A praise report is simply a statement praising what God has done – usually in answer to prayer. It can be … well, instead of describing what it is, let me just give an example here …

As many of you know, I was quite ill several weeks ago (after returning from a conference in Denver). In fact, I didn’t make it to the 2nd Mass (in Marion) that Sunday – and I’ve never missed Mass as a priest due to weather or sickness before. At that time, we had only recently started having our healing prayer groups praying after each weekend Mass for people, and since it was that something was wrong with me, our group in Tigerton asked if they could pray for me after the Saturday evening Mass.

As they were praying, I could feel my condition getting better, and by the time I got back to the rectory that evening, I could recognize my own face in the mirror (the swelling had gone down so that I could open both eyes). I still had a high fever, chills, and severe headaches and body aches, but was able to get some sleep that night.

When Sunday morning came, I was determined to get through both Masses before coming back home to collapse. I was able to get through the early Mass in Wittenberg, but then, as we gathered to pray for a couple of individuals after Mass, I collapsed (nearly fainting). Our prayer team quickly got me lying down on a pew, and began to pray for me. As they prayed, I felt suddenly better – actually symptom-free! Whatever it was that had been afflicting me was driven away. I sat up, and when the paramedics arrived (someone had called the ambulance right away), my vital signs were normal, fever was gone, dizziness had vanished, and after showing them that I was ok walking around, I signed a ‘refusal to transport’ and thanked them for coming.

All that day, I was feeling much better (a friendly parishioner did drive me to a clinic to get checked out), and I can only ascribe my almost-instantaneous recovery that morning to the healing power of God working through our prayer teams.

That would be one example of a praise report – it just happens to be my own example. Maybe you have experienced the healing power of God in your life. Maybe you could share such a report with the rest of us – to increase our faith. (Isn’t that what the disciples asked of Jesus in the Gospel today?) Thanks for your fine question, and keep those questions coming! Feel free to post a question, your own praise report, or a comment on this one on our “Three Parish Catholic Family” Facebook page. May God bless you this autumn and always!

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