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This week’s question:  How do we have proof for some of the Bible stories?

How do we have proof for some of the Bible stories?

Alright, here’s a new question from one of our young members (I’ve been having to rely on reprinting some old questions for a few weeks now, so thanks for your fine question!).  You ask such a wonderfully rich question that I can only hope to attempt the beginnings of a response here.

The Bible, as we know, is made up of several different books (46+27=73).  Some of these are about what God has done (in history); some are about what God will do (in the future); all of them are about what God is doing (in your life and in the life of the Church).  Now, of course, we can’t have any external proof for what God hasn’t done yet – because it hasn’t happened yet!  We can, however, have certain types of ‘proof’ for what God has done in history (that would be historical proof) as well as what God is doing right now (what we might call experiential proof).

For the sake of simplicity, let’s just focus on this last type of proof in this little article (since a complete look at your question would make for a really good book – about The Good Book).  The type of proof we’ll look at here requires a starting point – namely, that we begin from a stance of faith.  It’s like this:  I can write to you a description of the inside of my house, and you might go looking for proof that I really do have a pair of red, white, and green santa socks in the bottom of the top right drawer of my dresser.  The trouble is, that no matter how much you might try looking through my windows, you’ll never really find the proof you’re looking for unless/until you go inside and look around.  That’s what faith is.  It’s going to look around from the inside (not just the outside).

So, let me propose a little faith experiment.  Begin by choosing to believe what you’re going to read inside the Bible (between the front and back covers).  Go ahead.  Get inside the Bible and begin your search.  Then read it (read whatever you like in there).  Lean into it.  Trust it.  Then, wait and see if what you find isn’t what God is doing (in your heart, in your life, in the life of those you know and love).  I’ll wager that if you do this experiment faithfully, you’ll find the beginning of the answer to your question.

Thanks for another great question!  Please share your thoughts, comments, or questions online via our “Three Parish Catholic Family” Facebook page, and keep those questions coming!  May God bless you this Advent, this Christmas, and always!


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